The sweat pants I now use at home!


Pants functional identified with the gym already incorporated it into the outfits of entrecasa. Adoptá yours for your look for quarantine in the home and with an imprint of athleisure.
With a sweater and short a fanny pack. Photo. IG.

The look athleisure is to create looks comfortable and cancheros with sports clothing combined with the more urban.

The key to these outfits sporting and urban is add some element of fashion, a more sophisticated or accessories with a share of style.

For when you go out on the street, sumale a trench coat faux leather. Photo. IG.

Pants: the garment key

The sweatpants are key in this trendand today come in many textures and morphologies.

The satin give you a mark super chic and the stripe on the side are ideal to achieve a style effortless, more relaxed.

And to combine…

The blazers and coats of wool are the pieces that are very versatile that it can be incorporated in this type of looks as they combine to perfection with leggings, or or patalones sports.

The big brands have already adopted them and incorporated it into their collections. Photo: IG.

Another option to enhance your look athleisure is incorporate accessories such as earrings and necklaces of gold.

Pants + shirts= perfect formula. Photo. IG.

These pants are ideal for wearing with shirts and a taco. But at home sumale sneakers and a necklace of gold, several times.

Look drab.

The coolest thing is wear a pair of sporty in color off white with a t-shirt to the tone. And if you animás, sumale running shoes color. Another option: with a tone it will effect more minimalist.

With a warm scottish is cancherísimo. Photo: IG.

The streetstyle already adopted this style athleisure and took him to the street.

The sweat pants and satin are the most chic. Photo. IG.

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