The trick of Salma Hayek to keep your hair healthy


Salma Hayek it is one of the actresses mexican most beautiful of the big screen, with his charisma and sensuality managed to conquer Hollywood and is currently walking on the red carpet more prestigious.

And is that the veracruzana where you want to go steal the looks with their outfits more fashionistas and its incredible beauty. At 53 years presumed to remain very well preserved and there are those who do not want to discover their beauty secrets. Today we are going to tell one of them.

One of the tricks that Salma used to keep your hair healthy is the apple cider vinegar, which gives natural glow and unique to your hair. This gives your hair a special shine and leaves it silky, plus it seals the hair.

Another of the benefits of apple cider vinegar is that it closes a lot of the cuticle, this means that if you are one of those that paint your hairyou can help because the acidity that has neutralizes the hair giving it a pH more strong.

This is another of the strange beauty tips the mexican, without a doubt, his eccentricities have worked to perfection.