the Waka Waka of Shakira to Resist


The infanta Elena it has become the character of the King’s household, with more visibility in this confinement decreed by the Government last march 13. It is the only one that has been seen walking the dog their children, the same as out on the balcony at eight in the evening to applaud and which now has surprised us by singing publicly ‘I will resist’.

This theme of the Dynamic Duo has become the anthem of the quarantine and there are versions for all tastes. The fact that the duchess of Lugo has wanted to participate in the recording, and make it public, it is their way of showing their solidarity, and also to expose its isolation away from her children. Froilán and Victoria are far off, as already announced Vanitatis: the largest is on the farm Alcuzcuzof Benahavis (Malaga), and the girl, in Extremadura.

In the video, we can see the infanta Elena appears in the living room of his house, and in the rest of the boxes we recognize its intimate Rita Allendesalazar and to the Álvarez de Toledoit , along with other friends that we did not manage to identify.

By Shakira and Caballé

Although some of them you will be surprised, this is not the first time that we have seen the Infanta singing. I already did it on the Olympic games Barcelona in 1992 with you, with the thousands of spectators, the voices of Monserrat Caballé and Freddie Mercury. That image, along with that other in which we see her cry excited to see his brother enter the stadium on the day of the opening, form a part of your history graph.

But there are more musical moments in your life that coincide with important events. When Spain won the football world cup, the infanta Elena went to the streets to celebrate. He wore an outfit according to the occasion, composed of polo, earrings and a cap with the colors of the Spanish flag. That day she was accompanied by her cousin Maria Zurita and the two sang and danced to ‘Waka Waka’ of Shakira as if there was no tomorrow.

Infanta Elena. (EFE)
Infanta Elena. (EFE)

As has happened now with ‘I will Resist’, the image became a reference in those glory days for the Red in which citizens citizens took to the street, and the anthem of the colombian was a universal standard.

Look quarantine

The idea of appearing in the video, unexpectedly, has proved to be positive for the image of the sister of the King. To be seen without make-up, hair and clothing typical of the confinement. Of all the styling, what calls the attention is the chain with pendants. And there is one very special. It is a amulet in the form of a miniature egg-Fabergé, a gift from Sofia.

The Queen emeritus is a necklace with these replicas that always choose to look at Holy Week and, above all, the Sunday of the Resurrection. This jewel, of sentimental value more than economic, it has a history entroncada with the orthodox tradition, where the Passover is one of the most important celebrations in the religious calendar and family. Depending on the purchasing power, they hand out painted eggs, which represent the symbol of eternity, love, and wishes for long life. The infanta Cristina also has looked at times this amulet.