Theresa Bass has the tutorial perfect makeup to copy the look of the most spectacularly beautiful Zendaya

If you are passionate about beauty, boredom does not exist for it during the quarantine. Because when you finish make all the at-home treatments as possible and test those shadows and those blushes that you bought it in a rush but you will never atreviste to use, there are always the tutorials of the influencers with the learn new beauty looks. So that when the time comes to get out to the street, what to do to be impeccable.

One of the influencers that is teaching us to take advantage of our hair and our make-up bag is Teresa Bass, that if a few days taught us to rizarnos the hair and make braids, we now have discovered how we can copy a look of beauty one of our favorite actresses, Zendaya.

In your account of Instagram, the influencer recognized a few days ago I missed “to put my makeup on in conditions”. And animated by his followers was inspired by one of the beauty looks that the protagonist of Euphoria wore in an event of presentation.

First step, the base.

First step, the base.

To achieve this Teresa Bass used several products from Maybelline New York and started with the base Super Stay 24h of the firm. Subsequently applied the under eye concealer Super Stay, and continued by setting your brows with the Brow Drama transparent with a brush.

Teresa and her palette of shadows favorite.

Teresa and her palette of shadows favorite.

To give a touch of color to your cheeks, the influencer bet first for the Dream Matte Blush in cream pink color, and later gave a touch more brown with a blush of his palette of shadows favorite, the Lemonade Craze, which also used the orange tones and dark brown for your eyes.

Teresa outlining his eyes.

Teresa outlining his eyes.

To complete the makeup in your eyes, Teresa Bass used the eyeliner Hyperprecise with that he drew an outline of a catwhile for your lashes opted for the mask Lash Sensational from Maybelline.

Teresa with the palette to get the lip marr’re.

Teresa with the palette to get the lip brown.

Finally, and since that Zendaya wears a lip brown in the image that you used as inspiration, the influencer recognized that I didn’t have that tone in your toiletries, but that was going to share “a truqui” to get it”. First applied as a base for the Super Stay Ink Crayon in red color (though you can also use the nude), and later, with small touches, applied over the eye shadow brown color of the palette that had already been used previously. And as we can see in the pictures, the trick that saves us from having to have dozens of lipsticks different, it works.

The lookd of beauty of Zendaya in the that is inspired’ the influencer

The lookd of beauty of Zendaya that inspired the influencer

“Come on Theresa, still dreaming about me to be like her,” wrote the influencer in your last Storie of the look of beauty. We, after seeing the great result, we can only thank him for teaching us how to put make-up on like a star. And it only remains to put it into practice to see if we have as well as to her.

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