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What is most highlighted in the so-called “dream villa” are its two swimming pools, a private terrace, a gym and a separate guest house.

By Marcela Moreno

Apr 16, 2020 – 14:51

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are looking for, along with his son Archie, a place to live in Los Angeles. In particular, have shown an interest in a property that belongs to the actor Mel Gibson, and that they would be willing to pay $ 14 million. Photo EDH/ The Grosby Group
The property of the director and producer of the film consists of 6 thousand square meters built, plus another 20 thousand pertaining to a plot of land with view to the sea. In the announcement of the real estate agency is offered under the designation of a “dream villa”. Photo EDH/ The Grosby Group
The protagonist of the movie “Brave Heart” and “the Passion of The Christ” gave his personal touch with some nods to the catholic religion, in addition to making evident his fondness for the story. With five rooms, five bathrooms, a guest house, two swimming pools and a gym, and a stunning garden with an amazing view, it is not surprising that the price is USD 14 million. Photo EDH/ The Grosby Group
The house has two swimming pools and a terrace with jacuzzi Photo EDH/ The Grosby Group
Gibson has been trying to sell your villa in a rustic style, in which there is much wood and stone, for three years. The actor of 64 years, put on the market the imposing property overlooking the Pacific ocean in 2017 after living there for almost a decade. I originally wanted to USD 17.5 million for the residence, which previously belonged to David Duchovny and his then-wife, Tea Leoni. The Oscar-winner bought the property in 2008 for $ 11.5 million. Photo EDH/ The Grosby Group
The house includes a main residence with five bedrooms, which was built in 1996. The property has a lot of inspiration from medieval design with an exterior of stone panels and wood. Photo EDH/ The Grosby Group
The entire home has a neutral decor and cozy wood flooring. The rooms, each one with their bathroom are traditional wood and stone fireplace, plus patio doors onto a shared terrace that allows you to admire the great scenery. Photo EDH/ The Grosby Group
In addition to the characteristics of the residence, the dukes of Sussex have reviewed the privacy offered in the area. After losing the protection officer to cease to be members of the british royal family, it is they who must pay the security. To this end they have hired the services of an agency that also provides for Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and the six children of both. During the time they were in Vancouver, the dukes became an easy target for paparazzi during their outings with their son Archie. Photo EDH/ AFP

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