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Thundercat, magic and virtuosity at the service of instant hits

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Thundercat is what it is. A bassist and composer capable of running in improvisations jazzy of high virtuosity, but lack of durability, and also to coin hits dance of pure cut funk. As demonstrated in Drunk , your disc of 2017 which positioned in a definitive manner as one of the most original and expansive african-american music of the united States. Without pressure to maintain that status, or to offer concessions of any kind, It Is What It Is , his recent studio work, the musician born as Stephen Lee Bruner back to his formula of melodies and grooves of free forms, which may be in the form of song, or dissolved without further as if to leave the compositions once presented the idea.

But as well as in Drunk, his odyssey stretched in 23 songs and a total of 51 minutes, here the journey is shortened to 15 and 37 respectively. The versatility and freedoms, however, are maintained. By the side of the likely hits, as was “Them Changes” at the time – this time is shaping up to “Black Qualls”. Here, the formula of multiple voices (the Thundercat, Childish Gambino, Steve Lacy and Steve Arrington) on a basis which distills the swing works like a digital update of that which Parliament and Funkadelic patented in the mid-70’s: a funk to go into space. Two issues later, in “How Sway”, the sudden change of direction puts the bassist and his family to devise a piece with a lot of improvisation and speed. The reference now appear to be Return To Forever, Weather Report, and Headhunters. Just a little over a minute of extension. A vignette of jazz rock.


With several ayuditas of their friends (the saxophonist Kamasi Washington, the producer Flying Lotus, the BadBadNotGood), Thundercat makes of It Is What It Is its own kaleidoscope of black music. The sound clear, that even at times reminiscent of Invisible, it functions as the shaft unifying an album that plays not to offer certainties between theme and topic. And if the catalyzation of jazz, funk, R&B and rap exceed the mere exercise of style is thanks to the freshness and the knowledge of Bruner’s, that sucked all of those genres from an early age. It is, even more than Kamasi, the great virtuoso of the generation of hip-hop.

It Is What It Is , Thundercat, 35 years, not only in dialogue with their own musical tastes but also with the fragmentation of time. As a straight ahead jazz with attention deficit disorder, maintains liberties, but in extensions short. The tracks do not conform to certain forms and moods change almost constantly. Bruner seems to have his emotions in a random order, and thus manages to dodge the solemnity. Appointments to a cartoon (“Dragonball Durag”) and the existential anxiety (“Existential Dread”) coexist in the lyrics of the same way that styles: as a tragicomedy millennial that does not provide a closed end.

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