“To see her win motivated me” – Naomi Osaka

The former number 1 in the world, Naomi Osaka, announced the arrival of the next generation of the WTA tour after being awarded his first Grand Slam title at the US Open in 2018. The feeling japanese was placed firmly at the top of the game after winning his second major at the Australian Open in 2019.

However, how he inspired his partner Jelena Ostapenko ? The victory of Osaka indicated a changing of the guard, as the pillars of the tour already not favored to win the main event.

The two-times winner of the Grand Slam has been shown to have the ability to accomplish more in a very short time. “I think that motivated us all” – Naomi Osaka Osaka explained that to see Ostapenko win the French Open 2017 inspired all of the stars of the next generation of the WTA to win major titles against the veterans.

“I think that Ostapenko was the first to win a Grand Slam. But honestly, seeing her win that motivated me a lot. I think that motivated us all. I think that was the first push, ” he said Osaka in the Shiseido WTA Finals Shenzhen, 2019.

“Then, like to see Serena Williams having a baby and then come back, immediately reaching the final of a Grand Slam, that also motivated me. But, of course, she is the best player, so you should not compare myself with that.

Those were definitely two of the most important things, ” said the young japanese. Osaka also revealed that she wasn’t really sure what she was able to bring to the table with regard to that, as he feels that all they’re simply doing their own thing because they are all very different.

The world number 10 has not been able to appear in the headlines after winning the Australian Open by 2019. She was able to achieve only win 2 titles after the first Grand Slam of the season. It will be interesting to see how he plays the japanese star after they resume the tour.

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