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Before Rita Wilson and her husband Tom Hanks to worry his fans by reporting that tested positive for coronavirus, the actress had an interview in the program of Kelly Clarkson, which was recently issued

During the chat, also a producer, was honest and spoke about her diagnosis of cancer in 2015. The delicate situation meant that he had several talks with her husband about the consequences that this could bring to your life.

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The actress was aware that this disease could end his existence; therefore, it was clear what you wanted it to then your family if this came to pass.

“I told him [a Tom Hanks]look , if something happens to me and I die I before you, I want you to know that I need a couple of things”, she began counting the artist.

Rita Wilson demonstrated that despite the sensitive nature of her illness was taking everything with humor. In addition he confessed that he did not want whining, or tears in his final farewell.

“The first is that I want you to be super sad for a very long time […] The second thing that I wanted was a party, I wanted to have a celebration with much singing and dancing, people telling stories, and the feeling that they are celebrating my existence,” he explained.

Rita Wilson

This is not the first time that the actress will speak about this issue, as in your song “Throw Me a Party”, that is part of his album Halfway home, tap once again to this idea.

“When I go to celebrate a party, you’ll need to dance like if I was there, do not be sad or have a broken heart, raise the voice, sing my songs and lit flares, my stories and drink all my wine. You know that my life has just begun when it is not,” says part of the lyrics of their piece of music.

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Rita Wilson already recovered from coronavirus and their social networks, thanked the medical staff and all those who are worried about their health.

“I am very grateful for my health, for the doctors, nurses, friends and family who have supported me during this time. You, online friends, also deserve the gratitude for their prayers and optimism came to sink in very deeply,” he said.

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