Tom Hardy is the gangster known more of the history in the first trailer of Capone


Capone it is a biopic of the mobster’s most well-known united States and the entire world that it will portray the gangster in his last years of life. Played by Tom Hardy, the new trailer for Capone brings us a preview of his unique interpretation of the mythical character.

Josh Trank, director of Capone, he shared on his Twitter the first trailer of the tape biographical and revealed some details about the same, as a release date in may, and that, although it was originally planned to premiere in cinemas, will the streaming services.

Capone we will offer a portrait of the “gangster most notorious of America” in his last years of life, when the mafia was losing sanity. Here is the synopsis official:

“Al Capone, 47 years of age, begins to suffer from dementia after spending 10 years in prison. Then he begins to be stalked by his violent past.”

In addition to Josh Trank on the direction and the script, and Tom Hardy in the skin of the mafioso, Capone it will count with the participation of Kyle MacLachlan, Linda Cardellini, Jack Lowden, Matt Dillon and Neal Brennan. It will be produced by Russell Ackerman, Lawrence Bender, Bron Creative”s Aaron L. Gilbert, and John Schoenfelder.

Capone to be released on may 12. Here you can see the trailer: