Tom Holland shares an image of Spider-man that perfectly represents your quarantine

A few weeks ago that Tom Holland he moved to his home in London to spend the quarantine together with his family, after stopping the filming of their movie ‘Uncharted’ while he was in Berlin.

Since then the actor of ‘SpiderManhas returned to be very active on the social networksspecifically on Instagram, after saying some time ago that wanted to separate a little of them.

But of course, with this situation, the networks are the showcase to the world and, in addition, the best way to stay in contact with our loved ones or, in your case, with fans.

So, what we have seen be amazed with its worked physical in the challenge where they had to put a t-shirt doing a handstand. Or, more recently, by uploading a video along with Jake Gyllenhaal where he said that he missed his husband.

Well, now has uploaded an image which corresponds to ‘SpiderMan: Return to home’ with that represents their confinement: “I watching people socializing on Instagram,” he writes next to the photo where we see Tom behind a pane of glass while watching his classmates.

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