‘Top 20, American Idol will continue live shows in spite of closure of production

Several shows have been forced to close as a result of the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19). Season 3 of American Idol is at the point in which the united States has to start to vote, but with the prohibition of large public gatherings, fans are wondering how they will work live presentations.

Fans of American Idol can be safe knowing that the Top 20 will continue to act in vivo, albeit remotely.

Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan | Photo by Jon Kopaloff / .

“American Idol” has been delayed

Fremantle, the producer of American Idol, had no choice but to suspend the production of live performances following the strict guidelines of the county of Los Angeles that prohibited large gatherings.

By doing so, the network ABC had to be creative and explore some moments of filler while they found out how they were going to handle the part in vivo of the season 3 of American Idol. The final episodes of the trial, which was filmed at the Disney resort, Aulani in Hawaii, was extended for two weeks to fill their time slots.

The live performances of the Top 20 were originally scheduled to begin on April 6, but the need for all to remain at home had a significant impact. In contrast, ABC aired repeats of Celebrity Family Feud and a primetime special, Who wants to be a millionaire? Secrets and surprises, and then the American Idol: This Is Me special in the following weeks.

Katy Perry addressed the fans

Earlier this week, Katy Perry teased that she and her fellow judges would have to be creative in regards to the rest of this season. Reporting live via Facebook on Easter Sunday, Perry encouraged fans of American Idol to continue tuning in to see how they would handle the live performances.

“You simply have to tune in to this creativity, probably we’ll create from our individual homes. We will see how this is going, “ concluded Perry. Now, it seems that the live performances and the evaluation will be carried out as said Perry, from their respective remote locations.

Live from the 20 main houses, is “American Idol”

From 26 April, contestants will perform live from their homes. According to Deadline, American Idol is a live program of two hours scheduled will count with the judges Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie from their remote locations. Richie and Perry will be judged from their homes in California, while Bryan will join from his home in Nashville, TN.

The presenter Ryan Seacrest and Bobby Bones also shall live while the world’s top 20 contestants are presented to the vote of the united States.

How is it affected performances?

Does the team of American Idol is equipping artists with the tools appropriate audio that will allow them to shine? In general, each singer would be on the same stage with the same audio settings. Now, taking that act from their homes, many fans wonder how that will affect the quality of the performances.

Fortunately, American Idol has a great production team that employs a great team. It is probable that they solved all of the problems with the find the top 20 from your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. But only time will tell!

As of April 26, tune in to ABC to see the live performances of the Top 20 of American Idol.

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