“Trolls World Tour” need plugs for ear

AP — The music of the Trolls is back.

Following the heels of the excellent release in the series of “High Fidelity”, on the owner of a record store in Brooklyn, comes from “Trolls World Tour”, in which different clans of trolls that represent different musical genres, fighting for the domain sonic. Both are picturesque in their way, and assume that our musical boundaries do not have collapsed years ago in a soup digital.

“Trolls World Tour”, the sequel to the original tape of DreamWorks in 2016, was going to be released in cinemas before the pandemic coronavirus. On Friday, in time, Universal Pictures released directly to the households with a rental cost digital 19,99 dollars.

Directed by Walt Dohrn and David P. Smith, “Trolls World Tour” is a fast paced version of a music of rocola. Includes many songs that could be called “Spotify, the musical”, jumps infinite.

Both movies of “Trolls” are difficult to see. They are so vividly coloured that I recommend to adjust the brightness of the tv. But when they are not so noisy and you have protected the eyes far enough, the excess of sugar is pleasant and is occasionally melodious. After all, how bad can it be that an animated film to introduce a new generation to “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire?

In “World Tour”, the clan’s original, including Poppy (Anna Kendrick), and Branch (Justin Timberlake), discovers a bigger world of trolls. The trolls that know you believe in the power of the pop, but it turns out that there are others who have become devotees of techno, classical music, country, funk, or rock. Others who are on the road supporting the hip hop, reggaeton and even the yodeling. (Unfortunately, the progressive rock and hip hop type crunk do not have cameos).

Are the trolls rockers who start the problems in the “World Tour”. Their leader, the queen Barb (Rachel Bloom), wants to dominate the other groups. Armed with a chord of heavy metal and the epic of Metallica, Barb creates a plot to overpower the other styles.

The plot gives the “World Tour” an opportunity to review countless music hits and he does it so quickly that the film often feels less a story and more like a battle of the bands caramel color. When you lower the pace and give us something more than a fragment of song, “Trolls World Tour” will enjoy it more. There is a good interlude of hip hop and a nice ballad country Kelly Clarkson.

Both movies of “Trolls” exalt exuberantly the glory of diversity, and maybe some guys will have a proven decent a musical landscape that is much broader than that provided by the disks of Kidz Bop. But the “World Tour” can also sound like a bad medley of the Grammy that puts all genres in a blender until you lose the taste.

“Trolls World Tour”, a premiere of DreamWorks Animation, is rated PG (which suggests a certain orientation of the parents) of the motion picture Association of America (MPAA, according to its acronym in English) for some scenes of humor heavy. Duration: 110 minutes. Two stars out of four.

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