Video Thalia flirts with several men in Tiktok

You poor Tommy Mottola!, Thalia has shared their quarantine perfect and in it appear several men, although not her brand-new husband.

The singer shared a video on Tiktok in which he happily sings and dances flirting with various suitors of the film.

Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Tom Holland, and up The Rock, are found in the list of the beautiful Thalia, and their quarantine is ideal.

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The interpreter, who cares imagined the invitations to the leading men would and he danced and sang the most fun during the recording.

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The singer is having so much fun in Tiktok, a situation that his fans appreciated during this quarantine.

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Thalia is promoting her song Shy, same that was to the side of Pabllo Vittar, drag queen and performer, very talented.

Both look really spectacular in the video in which the singer nothing asks the world of the drag queen, and it transforms beautifully.

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