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Paulo Dybala and Oriana Sabatini having fun in the networks during the quarantine in Italy by coronavirus.


Oriana Sabatini and Paulo Dybala are traveling together to the quarantine by coronavirus in Italy , where they share their daily routine on social networks, many times in a fun way as they did in the past stories that the singer got into his account Instagram .

The couple shared a video in which fight over the last piece of a chocolate. What happens is that, while Oriana eat part of the candy, Dybala is the distracted looking at their cell phone.

Until, suddenly, the football player of Juventus grab the one piece of chocolate left, and his girlfriend reacts surprised.

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The funny thing is how they edited the video -which went up to a new account of TikTok that is shared between both ( @wethefirst )-, which interspersed with a few popular pictures on a custom in funerals in Ghana , where it is usually to recruit men to carry the casket so that the funeral has its cheerful touch.

These images were used in the last days for videos, mostly comedic, in a way that gives any extreme situation, as represented by Oriana and Dybala . In fact, there is a Twitter account that created these pieces with the fun people.


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