What overtook Justin Bieber? Selena Gomez took it between his hands and almost kiss it OMG!


The american posted a video of controversial in which it left many open-mouthed Look of what it’s about!

Selena Gomez has been working hard on this social isolation, the young girl of 27 years of age, pulled out a new music video of his song “Boyfriend”, a song that has become a success.

However, the fans impressed him more as the video progressed, therefore, he sees that the young man takes a snake with his hands and Almost kisses him!

In the lyrics of the song, Selena he says that “wants a boyfriend”, then you have made a controversy for his recent songs, where many of his fans claimed that he was dedicated to his ex, Justin Bieber. It should be noted that, Justin it also has a theme with the same name.

The video platform YouTube has over 20 million views, which makes it a complete success to a few hours of its launch.

Could it be that this topic will overcome to your ex?