Will Smith congratulates his ‘bad boy’ Martin Lawrence for his 55 birthday


Martin Lawrence it is one of the dozens of stars of the entertainment he has touched to celebrate his birthday at home for the quarantine of the coronavirus. The actor has reached the age of 55 in the midst of a global pandemic, but despite the complicated situation and the new reality of a large part of the planet, it has not lost the joy and sense of humor, and we’ve seen him share funny videos on their social networks throughout the Thursday, April 16, the day of their anniversary.

One of the friends of the popular actor who has not let pass the opportunity to wish you a happy day, but yeah, in a virtual way, has been his friend has been Will Smith.

The charismatic performer has shared a series of photographs and videos with his friend and companion of adventures. “Happy birthday, Marty Sea”, has been desired.

“Thank you brother. Much love”, has responded to his fellow actor in the saga of movies Bad Boys, whose last installment was released this same year.

This day so special for the actor has coincided with the quarantine, which has not prevented you enjoyed your day and taken with great sense of humor to the situation. Throughout the day, the interpreter shared different comedy videos to make a record of how was going on your anniversary and to thank also all the tokens of affection you received.

In addition to thanking the messages sitting in the open air completely covered with masks, goggles, cap and gloves, he has also shared a dance to the beat of Snoop Dogg in his house.

“Yes, I had a birthday in quarantine, but I feel more than blessed and I’m having fun with my family listening to Snoop Dogg. Thank you for all the love! Overwhelmed and happy for that,” he wrote next to the audio-visual popular actor of Hollywood.

itCongratulations, Martin!

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