Zac Efron leaves his fans dressed and dishevelled in the reunion of HSM


The long-awaited reunion of the cast of High School Musical we carried out this Thursday, April 16, and he could see the protagonists of this saga of musical.The highlight was the presence of Zac Efron, who would participate in this meeting.

However, it wasn’t like the fans imagined, as many wanted to see the actor to interpret the success of the films, however, their participation was fleeting, and without any emotions, doing that is to see that you did it for mere commitment,

When Linked to the actor 17 again, only you are seen sitting, handsome as always, but with zero emotion, and only asked his fans to care in this pandemic, and that you will enjoy the meeting of friends of HSM.

After his participation appeared Kenny Ortega, the director of films like the Descendants and obviously HSM, who presented it to the rest of the cast main, that is to say to Corbin Bleu, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Monique Coleman, and Lucas Gabriel, who proceeded to sing “We’re All In This Together”.

Watch the video of the reunion

But in this video not only appeared the protagonist, but we could also see the involvement of other secondary characters of the film, in addition to guest stars, also belonging to the Disney world, as Raven Simone.

Although the reunion of High School Musical was short, we went back to the year 2006, when there was no pandemic, when we were happy and we didn’t know, and we were able to enjoy Disney with the first installment of this trilogy, which became a worldwide success.

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Despite the short participation of Zac Efron during the event, the video has become a trend, because no doubt is one of the great memories of an entire generation, in addition to the song is perfect for sending a message of hope, and that we’re in this together.