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Abraham Mateo it is one of the artists with more international projection of our country. The young man is going to the quarantine in his home, working “25/8” from The Ship, as he calls his recording studio, but also taking advantage of all the time you can with your family and recharging energy to return with force on the scenarios. “I was missing. I am compensating for all the time I’ve been out,” explained our colleague Sergio Labrador, with whom he has been speaking in #YoMeQuedoEnCasaConLOS40Urban.

After taking in 2018 your album Slow motion and do collaborations with JLo and Yandel (No more love), CNCO (I go crazy) or Lérica and Omar Montes (Glue and fabric)the singer has still more projects in mind for this 2020. “We’re about to get new theme with Becky G that is called Time pa’ to forgetwhich will be out in may-if you do not fall behind with this quarantine, and also something with Ozuna and Chris Brown, which is called Tell me baby… and producing for other artists. I’m not unemployed right now in the studio I have at home; not only mine, but with the other also”, he has told.

His facet as producer

“It’s something that had already spent a lot of time doing; from 11/12 years, I started to be interested”, he explained. He recalled that his parents bought him a computer and a friend from San Fernando (Cádiz), Dani Ruiz, was the one who introduced him to the world of production and that, from there, he began to investigate. “Today I’m putting into practice all those skills that I have acquired during these years with artists such as Belinda, Juan Magán Lérica, Gente de Zona…,” he continued.

Has given more details on his collaboration with Ozuna and Chris Brown. “The theme is very well. It is one of my favorite topics”, he expressed. Although the song is recorded, you have yet to reach an agreement between record companies to see the light.

Equally, it is producing things for Lali Espósito and artists of the stature of Luis Fonsi, and opening doors slowly and gaining the trust of great singers as a producer, “learning, improving and pendiende of new sounds”.

To all of this, Abraham is the producer of header Léricagroup of his brother Tony. Among their latest singles, has participated in the production of Flamenquito and Lost, a song that has a featuring of an international artist that we have not been revealed, but that the group wished to explore the sound of dance and electronic.

I continue to do my own thingyour new project

Fans of Abraham asked for ballads and he believes that the time has come to put beans on his new album. “I’ve searched the trunk of the memories of the themes that I was out there compounds and forgotten, and I resumed”.

Has assured that it will be a “record complete” with a couple of ballads and other topics as Time pa’ to forget, I go crazy, What has happened, I cannot find the words with MTZ and a very special issue: I continue to do my own thing. “In this topic I speak of my story, as I feel, I am open with people and is a very special issue. Of the most special I’ve ever written in my life and desesando to death than quit, and that people can listen to and know more of me.”

The album was scheduled to come out in may, but with the quarantine launch had been delayed. “We had planned to finish the album in Miami with producer there… and although I’m speeding up the process from home all that I still was going to be late, but for summer it is”, has detailed.

The relationship with his brother

The andalusian has confessed that he is very aware of the social networks-and invites his followers to be attentive to his profile to know all their news-discovering a new stage as Tiktoker, along with his brother, Tony Matthew.

His brother, in particular, has told: “An individual is, the more I laugh and the more connection I have in the world”. You have reviewed how it is to work with him. “We work very well together. As we are so connected and we have so much confidence from always, tells me things as he feels and creates a way of working very comfortable. When we are in the study out things, perhaps with another producer that does not have as much confidence do not go out of embarrassment or because it is more self-conscious or whatever… together we experience and come out very good things. You like to work with me because he knows that his opinion to me is very important and the work I do with love; the group itself is treated with much love.”

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