Accusing Kylie Jenner to treat her mother like a slave

The mother of Kylie Jenner ensures that tolerates the demands and whims of her daughter because she wants to see it well, even if you treat it like a slave!

The new season of KUWTK is revealing the darker side of the Kardashian because after seeing the terrible fight between Kim and Kourtney, in the last episode we could see how Kylie takes advantage of the love of Kris Jenner, her mom.

Accusing Kylie Jenner to treat her mother as a slave

It all started when Kylie had to undergo a surgery of the eye, their mom, Kris Jenner, offered to take care of her during her recovery, but Kylie took advantage of that!

As Kylie could not see, Kris gave a bell to the touch when she needed something, and she would immediately run to her aid. The first thing that she asked Kylie to her mom, it was a glass of water without ice and with a slice of lemon, immediately after, Kylie asked for tacos, Kris is not only prepared but also gave it in the mouth as if it were a baby.

I just want to make sure that is okay because the most healthy thing you can do at this time is to rest a little“ Said Kris.

Some fans took it with a lot of humour in this situation, but others do not approved, because they consider that Kylie abused her mom, what do you guys think? do you believe that Kylie treated her mom like a slave?

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