ALL of the celebrities who have made a change of look in your hair this quarantine


There is No doubt that during the quarantine caused by the pandemic coronavirusmany people have taken advantage to make us a change of look. And those who truly have surprised us with cuts, fringes and dyes for the hair are celebrities. What artists have changed look these days? You have to see the hair cuts and these hair colors that have been applied!


OMG! Ricky Martin debuted a pink hair for a Instagram Live and wore it in front of all his followers. It certainly surprised us, because we were used to his brown hair, but we love that this is the best time to take risks and experiment. We love Ricky with the pink hair!


Well, P!nk has had no qualms in showing that theirs was more of a fail than a winbut not so hid: he told all his followers that ALL we go through a bad hair cut, but nothing happens: it grows. And you have all the reason!


Miley Cyrus decided to experiment with a cut-out style mullet blonde. Honestly we wouldn’t do ourselves, but we already know Miley Cyrus: a woman is risky and that is not afraid to experiment. Remember when you shaved off the sides of the head, do something extreme for this stage musical!