And the worst dressed of the week is Tabata Jalil


Welcome once more to your favorite section “The Worst dressed of the week”. On this occasion we have one of the presenters of television’s most beautiful that we know. It is Tabata Jalil, who reminds us of his incredible appearances in the newscasts of TV Azteca. He is currently working in the media, and it looks fabulous… until now.

The Television personality surprised her fans a few days ago because he shared a look quite peculiar on Instagram. The look consisted of a tank top, a few shorts crochet and a sandals in color skin. Combined it with a fedora color rosa mexicano and a style of makeup quite neutral.


This look could have been a success… but in 2007! Not only is old-fashioned, but it’s a look that does not look well for the combination of clothes. And we will tell you why.


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To start, use a fedora is something that is left to use just start the first decade of the 2000s. It is not that we are against them, but it is an accessory that is passed on to a better life because they came wide-brimmed hats and various options for the hair, such as pins, beanie and even the diadems XL.


Then, combine it with a tank top again to look like something very old-fashioned. That’s what I used Britney Spears in 2003 while he sang “Me Against The Music” with Madonna. However, what we can effectively rescue the little floral detail on the shoulder area. Also, the shorts crochet certainly were not our favorite and least if you combine with sandals super high as those Tabata chose. The best thing would have been a suit with bermuda that are on-trend this season and combine them with shoes as low as a few loafers or mules.

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Who will be our next worst dressed? I find out next Friday!