Angelina Jolie Zombie is torn between life and death for the virus that caused the pandemic


Sahar Tabar, better known as Angelina Jolie Zombie, he struggles between life and death for the virus that caused the pandemic, and already relies on an artificial respirator, then you have been infected in the prison.

The Angelina Jolie Zombie was recluída since last October in Iran under charges of “corruption on Earth”, incitement to the corruption of another “by means of acts lunatics”, “insulting the sacred” and “to acquire income by illicit means”, as specified.

The peculiar influencer of 18 years jumped to the fame thanks to the multiple and drastic surgeries they underwent, in order to look like the Hollywood actress Angelina Joliegenerating also have the appearance as of zombie.

To date, the young man is serious health, after you have been infected with coronavirus, so that is the hospital connected to a respiratorin the hospital Sina Hospital of Tehran, where is kept in custody of the authorities.

On the official site of Human Rights in Iran, the complaint is that Fatemeh Khishvand (his real name) she was admitted to the hospital in custody, despite the fact that their state of health is very serious.

“We find it unacceptable that this young woman is caught by the coronavirus in these circumstances, while his detention order has been extended during all this time,” said Payam Derafshan, lawyer, Human Rights defender, and who has also emphasized that he was detained unreasonably.

So far, Iran has registered more than 4 thousand deaths because of the COVID-19, and he was one of the first places, after China, to be affected by the epidemic.