Appear strange symbols on beach mexican will they be aliens?


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Photo: Reference.

A mystery keeps you entertained the inhabitants of Baja California (Mexico) in full confinement for the crisis of the coronavirus after that in one of its beaches appeared drawn in the sand strange drawingsas if they were made by someone from another world.

It seems to be that the 2020 has not yet finished surprising us

The access to the beaches is closed to the public all over the country, so many attribute the drawings appeared in a beach of Rosarito the aliens. The strange thing is that in the images do not appear traces of human printed in the arena, which enlivens the mystery.

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“The beaches are closed, no one has access to them, as a fine to anyone who violates the federal law for this quarantine. I share this that appeared this morning in the beach. I don’t know what’s the meaning of the beautiful drawings with so many symbols. My dear friend Marilu Figueroa tells me that they are messages of the Stars”, wrote a user who shared the pictures on Instagram.

Reaction on Instagram

As with any other issue, the public is divided in two: those who believe and those who do not. Among the comments highlighted a few believers:

“It is a message of peace”. Commented on the publication.

And others who claimed to be a possible that it was made by someone foreign to this planet:

“These are drawings of human. It made for humans!”. Exclaimed another user.

Do you guys think? What will be proof that there is life on other planets, or just about someone very creative that drew in the sand?