Augusto Fernandez, between the training and the social networks, family


Madrid, 18 apr (EFE).- The Spanish Augusto Fernandez, candidate for the Moto2 title this season and winner of three major awards in 2019 explains to EFE that passes the landfill in Mallorca with his family and spends most of the time to train (cycling and physical) and also plays a lot of video games with their friends and see some series.

Activity: “By the morning train and the afternoon game to the console. When I’m alone, I play the game of MotoGP. I have fun and it helps me to review circuits and maintaining concentration in career mode. With friends we play mainly FIFA. It’s fun, we connect by audio and there are many divots. In addition, ground beat them so that makes it even more fun”.

Book: “Without fear of falling,” Xavi Torres, who is an athlete mallorcan paralympic without hands or legs that has achieved great success in sports. In this book he explains his story of adaptation and improvement. I think that is a great lesson of humility, of struggle and of courage to face the difficult situations that you raises the life, and that’s why I recommend it.”

Film: “In search of happiness”, which is a movie I saw a long time ago, but I liked it and I scored a lot. It has a background of terrific with a message vital that Will Smith conveys to your child. Although life can present difficult situations, we have to fight to overcome them, pull forward and keep pursuing our dreams.”

Series: “The day least thought out”, is a documentary that shows you a view from within the team Telefonica Movistar throughout the three large laps of 2019. I’ve seen this series these days and I’ve loved it. Maybe because I’m training a lot on bike and also because it is, like our own, a work computer, and I feel identified. It is very interesting to see how a professional team of cycling overcomes challenges and difficulties to achieve success. In part I see similarities and things very interesting.”

Music: “The music accompanies me pretty much in general, and these days perhaps more. When I train I listen to mostly hip hop because it motivates me and gets me the batteries. In the afternoon, when I am more relaxed, I listen to more pop music. Now I’m listening to the new album of Justin Bieber”.

Social networks: “I Sail fairly by the networks, especially in Instagram. I cannot say that I follow any in particular, but I’m jumping from one to another depending on the topics that interest me. Although if I had to recommend some people, I would say to continue to mine (laughs)”. EFE