Broken Peach eases the quarantine with versions of “Friends” and other three “hits” of international

The quarantine does not hold back Broken Peach. One of the groups with the most presence in leisure events in Vigo and its area maintains its activity through its popular YouTube channel. Since it declared the state of alarm, lthe formation of “soul & rock” has added to his repertoire versions as the successful tuning of the series Friends, “I’ll Be There For Tou”; or other hits of the international music as a “Believer” of Imagine Dragons or “Stronger” of Kelly Clarkson.

The band olívica has managed to adapt to the strict measure of the confinement. It has been reinvented offering a content referred to as as format “quarantine”, which consists of videos, multi-screen agglutinate content recorded by each of the components in your own home.

The challenge is to make a creation home, but without sacrificing the artistic quality, but that’s not always easy. “To be separated, not all have equipment or material for grabarnos in conditions”, say from the band. “Some shots, until we have recorded with voice memos on the phone itself”. Another great challenge consists in substituting instruments such as the battery elements present in the home: sofas, spoons, spaghetti and even iron have been used as the basis for the percussion.

However, the result is working well. As shown by the comments of his followers, who celebrate it celebrate it all-new video that will start a smile in the midst of this situation so complicated. Broken Peach admits that with Internet saturated for proposals is complicated highlightsr. “The competition is brutal and there are a lot of other people carrying out initiatives of this kind”, they comment. “Anyway, our other objective is to search for the presence in networks, is to stay in shape and not fall into the laziness. We had a pace of work very intense in these past few years and now makes us unlikely to stand idly by”. So far, four new versions spanning a YouTube channel that collects thousands and thousands of visualizations.

What is Broken Peach?

Broken Peach is a band vigo of “soul & rock” founded in 2010. After 10 years of existence have visited all sorts of scenarios: from private celebrations, to international fairs; via television sets or sporting events.

Your channel YouTube it has more than 80,000 followers and some of its videos account even with more than 3 million views. Their aesthetic group, and extravagant is usually a ‘house brand’ that characterizes them.

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