Coronavirus in Argentina. The Supreme Court authorized the electronic signature and initiate claims for the Internet

In this way the judges can work in remote mode and the lawyers do not have to go personally to the courts Credit: Press HCDN


Supreme Court

of Justice authorized this Monday the use of electronic signatures in all the decisions of the court and of the courts below and set the start of claims and their processing by the Internet.

In this way the judges can work in remote mode and the lawyers do not have to go personally to court for their non-criminal cases.

The decision of the supreme court was motivated by the pandemic coronavirus and first met in the Monday night through two agreed (11 and 12) that were released in the Center of Judicial Information (CIJ),

Thus, the Court moved to a record all-digital. The vast majority of presentations by attorneys and litigants can now be done in remote mode. In addition,

all the judges

of the Nation, including the ministers of the Court itself, can use the electronic signature and digital.

So that the three most important instances of the processes are not criminal lawsuits, filing briefs and statements) will be digital.

On the other hand, the three-judge courts (chambers and the Court itself) may take its decisions by agreements, not face-to-face.

All judges in the country can now work entirely from remote mode, even if they are isolated, in the framework of the health emergency. And the lawyers and litigants do not have to go personally to court.

The measures, however, extend far beyond the health emergency as they allow to shorten the times to make decisions, decrease the use of paper and allows you to continue running the service of justice with the limitations of the emergency,


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