Dad of Rihanna survived the Covid-19 with the help of the singer


A few weeks ago it was announced that the dad of Rihanna he had contracted Covid-19 and that in addition his life was in danger after being a patient at risk. Let’s remember that the people of the third age are one of the groups most vulnerable to this disease.

And as any daughter would, Rihanna he did everything possible in their hands to save the life of your dad, so the singer purchased a respirator to be able to send you home. Even sources close to the artist mentioned that he seemed to be very concerned about the topic.

According to the information provided in The Sun, and Ronald Fenty, father of the singer, gave a positive to the new strain of Coronavirus in your home in Barbados, and that he feared for his life to be one of the most vulnerable groups and suffer fevers really high.

  • “My daughter Robyn (Rihanna) I visited her every day. I thought I was going to die to be honest. I have to say that I love you very much, Robyn. She did a lot for me. I appreciate everything you have done.”

Were part of the words of the father of Rihanna, who also commented that the interpreter had been sent home on a ventilator until the time it had not been necessary to use it, pointing out that his daughter gave him a lot more than what is needed to overcome the disease.

Even days after it was learned that the performer decided to donate this respirator to a hospital in Barbados, which will certainly be of great utility in these moments where just the medical material is one of the biggest problems around the world.

Dad of Rihanna survived the Covid-19

Ron also recalled one of the worst moments during his illness, where he felt that the fever invaded his nose and lips, which actually made him fear for his life, thinking that it could get to overcome this condition.

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Finally, the dad of Rihanna sent out a powerful message: “I Want everyone to stay home. This is a serious situation. More serious than people think. Please, stay at home”.


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