David Johnson comes to Houston convinced to succeed and show strength physical


Houston (US), 17 apr (EFE).- The new signing from the Houston Texans running back David Johnson, who came wrapped in a transfer controversial and many doubts about his physical condition, highlighted this Friday in their first conference call that I was convinced of success and demonstrate the best physical condition.

Johnson was adamant to ensure that nothing he was worried about his physical condition, despite having suffered injuries since his breakout season of 2016 when he ran for 1.293 yards and 16 touchdowns.

Since then, the production Johnson has been in constant decline. He broke his left wrist in the third period of 1 Week in 2017, missed the rest of the season, and still has not regained the form that once earned him the honors All-Pro.

‘The players are affected, they get injured all the time, so you can’t really predict what will happen’, he appreciated Johnson. ‘I know that I will do everything possible to be ready and to keep my body as healthy as possible. I think that the most important thing in what I really am going to focus is on doing extra hours in regards to keeping my body healthy’.

Johnson, selected in the third round of the sweepstakes university 2015, reiterated that the whole process of preparation has it oriented to what happened in the rookie season as if he would start from scratch to set new goals with a new team.

‘Since I’ve been in the league, I’ve always had that chip. The most important thing is that I only want to get back to the level of 2016, if not better than the season 2016. I think that the most important thing, as you all know, is to stay healthy’.

The Texans acquired Johnson, a selection of the second round of 2020 and a selection of the fourth round 2021, after sending the wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and a selection of the fourth round of the 2020 to the Arizona Cardinals.

Johnson dealt with a back injury early last season, before another at the ankle and keep it off for the most part of the match of Week 7 of the Cardinals against the New York Giants, as well as the following match against the Saints in New Orleans.

Since then, the Cardinals decided by the broker Kenyan Drake and last month, days before switching to Johnson for Hopkins, the Cardinals used the label of transition in Drake, who played very well with the team of Arizona.

When asked about his season 2019 in Arizona, Johnson has qualified as ‘hard’, given that he played 13 games, finishing with 345 yards and two touchdowns on 94 carries.

‘I had small signs and bruises with some minor injuries, nothing serious’, Johnson explained. ‘The head coach of the Cardinals, Kliff Kingsbury, told me that they were going to use more to Chase Edmonds, and then to Kenyan (Drake), so emotionally it was difficult to recover’.

Johnson, 28 years, said he was ‘very excited’ when he heard about the transfer, and he described his move to Houston as ‘a new beginning’, which will allow him to demonstrate the kind of player that is in reality.

The new corridor of the Texans, who signed an extension of three years and $ 39 million in 2018, has a salary of 11.2 in the year 2020, in addition to the nine million that you receive in 2021, but only 2.1 million are guaranteed.

‘I’m going to demonstrate in the field that my value is real and I can give you a great help to the team to be among the best in the league’, stressed Johnson. EFE