Demi Lovato confirmed that Selena Gomez is not your friend


So it was Demi Lovato revealed that a long time ago that no longer is a friend of Selena Gomez.

This is how Selena Gomez supported Demi Lovato after ...

Demi and Selena met when they began their respective careers as actresses in the children’s program, “Barney and friends”, later to be reunited on the Disney Channel, when both starred in important projects of the channel.

However, with time their friendship was broken, and although many of us think that they had managed to resolve their differences and resumed their friendship during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Demi confessed that he was not a friend of Selena.

Demi Lovato confirmed that Selena Gomez is not your friend

Its a sad statement came after they asked him about how he felt when Selena applauded her performance at the Grammys:

When you grow up with someone, you’re always going to have love for him. But I am not a friend of hers, so [la publicación de Instagram] felt… I will always have love for her and I wish all of you nothing but the best“: Were the words of Demi.

As you will remember, Selena dedicated this message to Demi after his incredible performance at the Grammys: “I wish I had words to discover how beautiful, inspirational, and well deserved it was this time. Demi, I am very happy for you. Thank you for your courage and bravery“.

It is a shame that Demi and Selena are no longer friends, what do you guys think?

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