Demi Lovato HATES his ex – girlfriend Selena Gomez ¡Filter their Instagram secret!


Demi Lovato it takes years to ensuring be a feminist and an ally for mental health but now it has become trend on Twitter to leak his Instagram secret where it shows your hatred Selena Gomez and other celebrities.

Demi Lovato HATES his ex - girlfriend Selena Gomez ¡Filter their Instagram secret!

Filtered Instagram secret of Demi Lovato

#DemiLovatoIsOverParty it has become trend in Twitter after that Demi Lovato will Instagram Live from a private account that many suspected was the singer of “Heart Attack”, but had not been confirmed until your transmission in vivo.

Demi Lovato angered his fans with his publications on his Instagram secret where you have hundreds of posts that are insulting Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, and, occasionally, other celebrities.

The user @traumaqueen4eva on Instagram is a private account that up to now I had around 110 followers, but after shaking to know that it was the personal account of Demi Lovato, the singer has deleted his posts are the most controversial and his followers.

Demi Lovato unleashes his hate Selena Gomez

The #DemiLovatoIsOverParty not surprised some users, so the criticism for the “falsehood” of Demi Lovato have been prowling the social networks for years.

On Twitter, thousands of users have been reminded of moments “controversial” Demi Lovato, among which are those where he gets to see his jealousy towards Selena Gomez, apparently caused by the friendship of the Latin with Taylor Swift.

In addition to Demi Lovato has been criticized for being Team Justin on the breakup of Bieber with Selena Gomez, despite the infidelities and emotional abuse of the canadian with the Latin.

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Demi Lovato what fake feminist?

Other scandals, Demi Lovato has been its of course fake feminism, which came to light when he criticized the donation of 250 thousand dollars from Taylor Swift to Kesha to help you pay the legal costs in her lawsuit against Dr. Luke for raping her repeatedly.

“Bring something to the Capitol, or talk about something and then I will be impressed”.

They also pointed to the support of Demi Lovato to Scooter Braun, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in their war against Taylor Swift, in addition to exposing the alleged sexual abuse from Dr. Luke Katy Perry, and criticize it by their silence now that the music producer was behind the race of the performer.