Demi Rose as Myrka Dellanos also has a hourglass figure

Until Alexa Dellanos has reacted to the image left exposed to the world-famous model

Demi Rose went to Instagram with a dress celeste and adjusted. The model outlined her body and left to view the figure of a lush hourglass.

Before the beautiful image of Rose, until the daughter of Myrka Dellanos, Alexa, has reacted with a “Beautiful ❤️”, to which Demi responded with the icon of a pink heart.

Myrka Dellanoson the other hand, is also a celebrity that has the figure of an hourglass. Because its measures, visually, are abundant above and on the hip, leaving a narrow waist at the sight.

In the case of Demi Rose hourglass is without a doubt exuberant.

But Myrka Dellanos was not far behind and with a jumpsuit black exposed through Telemundo, the power of their curves.

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