Dies crushed by machinery on rollover



Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- A rollover mourned a family, after a man lost control of the steering wheel and the giving of flips is crushed by the machinery.

The tragedy was recorded during the afternoon of this Friday, at kilometer 39 of the road to Zaragoza.

In this place, the male was hired by the company IASSO, engineers and architects associates, to handle a cartepilar used to crush the pavement, because that site is the maintenance of the road.


When performing the maneuvers, the subject lost control of the steering wheel, he declined its trajectory to one side, out of the folder bearing and finally ended their march with the wheels up.

Unfortunately, during the rollover the man projected to the outside of the heavy drive which ran him over and took his life.

Witnesses of the tragedy, they called 911 for help for his mate.

Attending to the distress call, the site arrived at the medical units, who reported that, unfortunately, the subject no longer had vital signs.

Up to now it is unknown the identity of the now deceased, as his companions out of respect to his family they refused to provide it.

Agents of the Police State Aid Road took knowledge of the accident and secured the area in hopes of the agents of the office of the Prosecutor General of Justice for the lifting of the body.