“Don Nelo”, a farm sustainable that produces artisanal cheeses


Located 11 kilometers away from Xalapa, capital of Veracruz, in the congregation of Pacho Viejo, is located the farm “Gift It”, a small company that produces artisanal cheeses from goat’s milk, whose quality has transcended the borders of our country with reviews on the Gourmet Magazine Mexico and the newspaper in madrid The Country.

Long before the teenage Swedish Greta Thunberg threw his strong voice to the governments of the world to take decisive action to address climate change, Ignacio Cambambia Gonzalez created this farm of chivas under a model of sustainability and environmental protection.

“We are related to these ideas of having clean energy, and for this reason, here we have our biodigester, we transform all the feces of the goats in the energy; we collect the rain water; we transform the stool with lombricomposta; we have solar water heaters. It is a small farm but every day we want to make it more productive and more sustainable”.

In addition, within the same farm, where he has about 70 goats, planting mulberry, a plant with a lot of protein that serves for fodder and that is the same that eat the silk worm.

Before the health emergency by the COVID-19, Ignatius tells us that it has taken all the precautions, following the instructions that give the authorities “but also this has allowed us to reflect on what we are doing each one as a person, as a human being,” he adds.

His contribution, points to it in some way, is the construction of this production model is sustainable, the farm “Gift It”, a micro-enterprise sustainable living five families, counting yours and the one of the four employees you have.

This farm has been certified for its food quality, by the application of good livestock practices in the production of milk goats. “Our certificate has the CA key-008-PD-30-20-040” shows proud Nacho Cambambia.

“Now that we are in this era of contingency, of us that we are primary producers we are in compliance with all the security measures that are telling us and with that certainty we invite you to purchase our products, because we, like many, we are entrepreneurs, very small, and we live of this”.

“Here in the region because we are like 10 cheese-makers making this type of cheese and we will also cross that part of economic but also of reflection, in which we have to evaluate what we are doing well or what we are doing wrong. You are helping us to try to become better as people,” he says.


From the Farm, “Don Nelo”, located on the Old road to Santa Rosa, in this congregation of Pacho Viejo, with its workers and the support of their daughters Aimeé and Maria Fernanda, Ignacio Cambambia Gonzalez made artisanal cheeses, mediterranean-type, using the three technologies queseras for the goat milk.

“We produce pastes, pressed, soft pasta and pasta lactic acid. The first thing we do is pasteurize, then inoculamos bacteria, because the pasteurization kills almost everything and we put bacteria own, specific, to the cheese that we’re going to do.”

“We mature the cheeses and the bacteria. While the cheese is wet, it will continue to develop flavors and aromas. Also the fact that we have fungi allows us to create a microflora that will give you much more aroma and flavor to the product.”

Says that at his dairy to be missing the fourth technique for the cheese pasta filata, which is elevated to a higher temperature, looking for a chewy texture. “The goat fat is not behaving, that’s why you can’t make cheese with milk of goat.”

“We have been fortunate that two of our cheeses have come out in the Gourmet Magazine of Mexico. One is called Pacho Viejo and the other is called Twinki, came out in an article called ‘Eight new mexican cheeses that you must try’”.

In the publication, Lee Salas Rosell writes of the cheese of Nacho: “Cheese with natural bark, with a paste thick and compact, that can get you to crumble. In the mouth, it starts dry, but wins a creaminess very intense, hints of lactic acidity and well-designed, aromas, nutty, sweet and moisture. A cheese that is very complex. Is made from pasteurized milk of goat from his own herd and his maturity is a month and a half”.

“It is a cheese with natural bark moldy, a pasta that goes from soft to dense, depending on their maturation. With flavors lactic acid very present, citrus, light, and a light touch nutty. Taste in mouth prolonged. It is made with pasteurized goat milk from their own herd, their time of ripening is of a month.”


Ignacio is very proud of his farm and the work sustainable that has been undertaken. “This type of business serves to create awareness of sustainability and enables people to keep their foothold because the people in the field no longer want to be peasants but I have shown that one can employ in your plot, and creativity make it productive”.

“I I’m not going to make you rich but live happy. What we do what we do with a lot of passion,” he.

“I invite you all to come to taste our cheeses for you to realize of the quality that we are offering you, and delight the different tastes and nuances that can be found in a just cheese”, he adds.

At the same time, shows us a cheese that was invented, coffee-flavored, to be ad hoc with the region.

“This is a cheese that we soak in coffee for 72 hours, and then leave it airing, and as we let it fill us of fungi. Itself takes 6 weeks, can be a semi-cured. Well absorbs the flavors of the coffee. When dipped into wine or beer the alcohol is evaporiza. Here there is no alcohol but manages to penetrate the taste of coffee. It is a ‘marriage’ of the region. We are in Pacho viejo but belong to the municipality of Coatepec, Veracruz,” he emphasizes.