Drake offers weekend VIP in Los Angeles within the initiative All-In



The rapper has also offered a trip in his jet for US$200 million , including a private party in your favourite club.

Rapper Drake and singer Justin Timberlake have joined the long list of celebrities that offer experiences extravagant as part of the initiative All-In, to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Drake is offering a fan a weekend VIP in Los Angeles, beginning with a trip in his private jet for US$ 200 million and including a private party in your favourite club, reports aceshowbiz.com.

The rapper posted a video on Instagram: “Whoever wins, will have the opportunity to fly on Air Drake. I will have the package to OVO (his label October’s very own) waiting in the plane, the package Nike Air waiting on the plane, I’ll take you to Los Angeles, where you’ll be able to come and celebrate with us in one of our private parties at Delilah, we will spend it very well. ”

Timberlake, who turned to Instagram on Wednesday, 15 April, announced that it will offer two lucky fans a trip with all expenses paid, to the Pebble Beach Golf Resort in Monterey, California, for a game of golf and a dinner with him and his friend Bill Murray.

Other celebrities like Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell, Meek Mill and Justin Bieber are also among the major deals to pass the time for the cause, while Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro have reached out to the owners to offer a fan the chance to join them on the set of his next film by director Martin Scorsese.