Dune is bigger than DCEU and Game of Thrones


Dune managed to become one of the most commented subjects on social networks. Recently, Jason Momoa spoke about this new film and revealed that it was never part of something so great, beyond his work in Game of Thrones, and the DCEU.

There is No doubt that fans of Dune are counting down the days to the big premiere of the film. more taking into account the recent images that were released. The cast of the adaptation by Denis Villeneuve it is huge and incredibly talented, with Jason Momoa on board as one of the main characters. Recently, during an online interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the actor spoke a bit about this new project and what it represents in your life.

The adventure of Dune it is known throughout the world. The story is set in the very far distant future in the midst of a great feudal empire interstellar where the planets are controlled by noble houses that owe their loyalty to the imperial House Corrino. The narrative focuses on the life of Paul Atreides, heir of his house, while he and his family accept control of the desert world Arrakis, where it is carried out on all the action. The planet stands out by being the only source of a rare and valuable spice, melange, very missed in the universe.

Jason Momoa: Dune is larger than DCEU and Game of Thrones

A project that admires

In this new version, Jason Momoa plays Duncan Idaho, master-of-arms of the family Atreides, and high protector of the little Paul. In the online interview, the actor spoke a bit more about this character and their experience.

“I could interpret this character Duncan Idaho. He is the first person to be sent to land in Dune, and that is when I know the character played by Javier Bardem. I can’t believe that you had a scene with Javier Bardem! It is a film pretty massive, I’m kind of Han Solo in the group. Is this warrior rebel who protects Timothée Chalamet, and serves to Oscar Isaac”revealed.

But most revealing shared by Jason Momoa is that, for him, this new version of Dune, it is the largest project of which it formed part: “We were able to record in Wadi Rum. I had never seen anything like it, it was like shooting on another planet. Denis Villeneuve recorded it, who did Hitman and The Arrival. It was an honor to do this with him, and is a cast pretty incredible, I’ve never been part of something so big.”