Fortnite is preparing for his new event live concert of Travis Scott!


Many of you will remember the concert Marshmello that broke absolutely all the numbers on players competing in a game a few months ago in Fortnite. Because everything makes indicate that Epic Games wants to repeat the successbut now instead of the popular DJ’s, the concert will give the renowned rapper Travis Scott, with your event of Astroworld.

The island of Fortnite is getting a tone for the event, with posters can already be seen, promoting the event Astroworld inside of the game. In addition, an object violet you can see the distance in the sky of the Island of Fortniteand each time is more near.

As we mentioned, the concert of Marshmello was the first musical event live on a video game, and Travis Scott will be the next, although unlike the DJ, who conducted his recital at Park Pleasant, the promotional images of Astroworld indicate that Travis Scott will have his in Burning Sands.

On the other hand, the dataminers have been unable to discover the real aspect of the object that is seen in the sky, in the distance, and some reported be able to listen to music when aim. This is how it will look once you get close to the island of Fortnite.

The event still has no confirmed date to be carried out in the game, although it is expected that next Saturday will be when that takes place, as they are Saturdays are the days that Epic decides to launch its live events in Fortnite, but we will confirm when we have more details about it.