Get to know the new challenge of the actor Jason Momoa


To be a superhero it requires an excellent physical condition. The actor who played the character of Aquaman, Jason Momoa, knows this very well and this has set a new goal, according to spread vix

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The hawaiian has been proposed to promote the sport in their children and what they are doing with classes very fun.

As is known, Momoa is a dad full-time. Has 2 children: Lola, 12 years old, and Nakoa of 11, in addition to Zoë Kravitz, the daughter of his wife, Lisa Bonet and rocker Lenny Kravitz, whom Jason looks as if it were his own blood.

In these times of confinement, the actor of Aquaman decided to take advantage of the time

What is certain is that the actor has become a creative teacher of physical education for their minor children.

Momoa gave this known in The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he was invited, by what is linked from your home to talk with the host, Ellen DeGeneres.

In that opportunity, Momoa told that their little ones are taking most of their classes to the distance, and he decided to become his professor of physical education for children to stay active and at the same time, spend time together enjoyable.

In that sense, he detailed that have escalated, making rallies and practiced skateboarding (riding a skateboard) in the vicinity of your home, without stop following the instructions of the health authorities.

Contrary to what you might think, Jason revealed that in reality he hates to exercise, so he decided to choose activities adventurous so that they can have fun while you get in shape. It is also taking advantage of the time at home to eat healthily, because you want to lose some pounds.

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