God! Shakira was filmed at the perfect angle while he danced … Look how it looks!


Our beloved Shakira is characterized by dancing in a spectacular way, but recently it was recorded from a perfect angle, in which is detailed every move he made

It is almost a fact that Shakira he will never cease to amaze us, this is due to several reasons, which can be listed with ease, among them we have his great talent in singing and dancing, his charming personality and his great urge to help people less benefited.

For every moment of his life, our beloved Shakira has been known to take advantage of them, and their 43-year-old has managed to become an example to follow for millions of people around the world.

Even in the dance that the famous singer has managed to influence many people for many, many years, and that is how not to do, if every one of their movements are perfectly coordinated.

In fact, in this short video we see a little of this great skill, which was filmed from a perfect angle, so that details in great way many of their movements.

Without a doubt, it’s a delight to see this beautiful artist enjoy their musical themes, as it looks simply perfect I love it!