Guide to the weekend


The fifth weekend confinement is presented packed with activities to make it more entertaining to stay at home. From music programs, a large international concert, books for toddlers, interviews or series through the screen to promote the fun.


From the first time. The platform of opera in streaming OperaVision, premieres today, free of charge, the work La bohème, performed by the Komische Opera of Berlin. A way of bringing the opera to the public after the health crisis has forced them to postpone all their interpretations. Each work is maintained three months on the platform.

12:00 hours. The theatre company Impro Odd will perform the children’s show Tales Unique from home. A narrator-a cartoonist, a musician and actors who create a story improvised form online with the help and collaboration of the spectators.

13:00 hours. Will start the concert global One World Together at Home. A transmission in support of the health workers and the who has more than a hundred artists from all over the world. Under the organization of Lady Gaga, you will have to great singers such as Alicia Keys, Andrea Bocelli, Billie Eilish, Celine Dion, Chris Martin, Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, Maluma, or Paul McCartney, who will participate in the great event of the day and where they join gigs virtual.

18:00 hours. Hector Urién and Casa árabe broadcast live through its account of Instagram stories from the classic Arabic literature The thousand and one nights. The professional storyteller Hector Urién will take as a guiding thread ‘the fantastic voyages’ to tell loud stories from the nights connected with them.


From the first time. The platform ATRESplayer PREMIUM, Atresmedia, released in the exclusive series Lies. Javier Rey and Ángela Cremonte star in the adaptation of the successful british series the Rolling. It consists of six chapters.

12:00 hours. The artist Koffi about the african culture in La Casa Encendida. Teach dance for free to the rhythm of afrobeat, a musical genre originating in Nigeria that combines music, yoruba, jazz, highlife and funky.

18:00 hours. The Planetarium of Madrid offers through its Youtube channel a presentation on direct of Antonio del Solar about the “More than 50 years photographing the sky”. A close-up of the astronomy without leaving home.

Throughout the weekend

Chatting with. Culture is Concerned brings together major artists through his Instagram. Today at 19:00 will interview live the vocalist Xoel López and 19:30 to the illustrator Naranjalidad. Tomorrow will be the turn of the musicians Leiva (19:00) and Depedro (19:30).

In home theater. The Teatre Lliure of Barcelona continues to provide entertainment despite the confinement. Today (20:00) and morning (18:00) you can see the work Two women dancingJosep Maria Benet.

School musical. The Superior School of Music Reina Sofía presented free of charge in the Channel School the audiovisual content of lectures and concerts, recorded since the year 2001. Are given by international artists of recognized prestige.