Hairstyles easy-the ‘influencers’ and the models to be in a house that you can also copy


There are many that have seen in this atypical situation the perfect time to take a time with the plates or the dryer and, this way, recover the hair, silky, smooth, shiny, and nourished much does it cost to get when they are immersed in your busy daily routine. Use shampoos organic, create treatments and masks homemade, apply vegetable oils after washing, leave to dry the hair into the air or make headdresses without the necessity of resorting to the heat are some of the tricks that models and influencers have shared it with their followers so that these can also to pass a hair to pelazo in a matter of days. And is that, what better time than now to learn how to do hairstyles easy that never go out of fashion? You don’t need to move to the sofa, here we bring to you ten ideas collected with much glamour Chiara Ferragni, Hailey Baldwin, Jessica Goicoechea, or Dulceida, among others, have already put into practice and that you can go now and look throughout the summer

Pigtail light-hearted

If you want all the mane collection, as fast as without a doubt is to make a ponytail. But if you are one of those who are not convinced by the high ponytailyou can do as Rocio Camacho and give an air of casual -now that takes both the style messy– something that is achieved by giving a bit of volume at the crown of the head, with the fingers, cardando with a comb and the start of the queue and leaving some strands loose. In addition to refining the face, is a sure hit: if you want to you gain a few inches of height can take high and if you want that extend the length of your hair, to optical effects, you opt for take it low.