Halle Berry takes three years single and enjoying it very much!


The actress took the decision not to get into a new relationship after a divorce the father of her young son, and it has been proposed to take advantage of this time to discover what to look for in a partner

Three years ago Halle Berry it was proposed to break with the dynamics of jumping from one relationship to another that he had followed during his entire adult life to learn to be alone. Since then, it has focused on enjoying your own company and the experience has been so enriching that you are considering, even, convert your singleness present in your relationship status permanent.

Halle Berry
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It is better to be single

“I’ve learned a lot through my children. Are the people that I really want to be right now. When I divorced the father of Maceo I was quite alone and go three years as well. And it is my decision, no doubt”mentioned the old Bond girl in a conversation with her friend Lena Waithe through Instagram Live.

“I have decided to take a break. Before, it was one of those people who are always in a relationship, you always want to have someone at your side. But I decided that the time had come to put the brake on, give me a little space and dedicate it to focus on me. It has been so incredible that I’m considering to stay that way forever”.

What is certain is that the interpreter -the mother of a teenager 12 years ago with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and a child of six along with her ex-husband Olivier Martinez– it has surprised itself, because I never thought it would endure so long without a partner.

“I knew that was going to take at least a year with its twelve months, but that year gave way to two, and two became three. To Me it seems perfect because I’ll have more chance of attracting the right person for me in my next relationship I commit, because I will have had enough time to decide what are my priorities”explained to reveal which is the ultimate goal of its strategy: ‘to return to the market’but only if it crosses your path the perfect man.

Halle Berry
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By: Bang Showbiz