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Harry Potter is one of the film series most acclaimed in recent years. Even today, their thousands of followers will not cease to discuss the work of J. K. Rowllng, which has become one of the favorite options to see during the quarantine period.

What few knew is that they could be earning money in exchange for watching a marathon of the series, a dream made reality thanks to EDsmart. Through social networks, the well-known portal decided to offer a $ 1,000-per-view all the films in the franchise followed.

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It should be noted that the sum of money is not the only prize. In addition to this, we are offering a bonus of 200 dollars to redeem in products related to Harry Potter and each one of the films in blu-ray format.

The franchise is comprised of 10 films, taking into consideration the two deliveries of Fantastic beasts and where to find them. That is to say, a total of 25 hours and 6 minutes of playback. A challenge that more than one will be willing to accept.

What are the requirements to participate?

According to the website, the chosen should be a potterhead, a fan of Harry Potter knows all the details of the fiction. In addition, you must stay active on Twitter and tell your experience in real-time.

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Another of the basic requirements is that the contestant shall be of legal age and eligible to work within the united States. “Once you finish the marathon magic and the tweets live, the winner will qualify each movie and we will publish the results”, explained the middle.

To be eligible for the contest, you must complete a form found on the website of EDsmart. The deadline for this to take place is set for may 15. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Harry Potter: Warner Bros. already planning the return of the popular wizard screens

Everything seems to indicate that the company has plans for the actor to make his triumphant return as the legendary magician who interprets from his childhood, but this time in one of the sequels of Fantastic Animals. According to the website WipyTVthe plan would be that it is in the fifth and last movie of the series.

The study wants to make a progression showing Harry as an adult, having a conversation with a Newt so much older towards the end of the movie. However, it didn’t work the third feature, this proposal would be affected as it would follow with the story ahead of time.

Fantastic animals 3: popular characters of Harry Potter appear in film

Fantastic animals, the spin-off of the Harry Potter saga, you still have plans for the actor in your production and would be a key part of the next installment. Warner Bros. you have already faced earlier criticism from their fans when included Johnny Depp, who then faced a demand on the part of Amber Heardin The crimes of Grindelwald.

According to information from the specialized medium We Got This Covered, beloved characters of the work of J. K. Rowling might join the cast of ‘ fantastic beasts 3. According to the reports of WGTC, the next installment starring Eddie Redmayne it will count with the participation of Rubeus Which Hagrid and Tom Riddle in their versions more young people.

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