Haters of Marko Music did trend on Twitter because they want to kill (+TWEETS)


In the social network Twitter, the tag “Marko Music” is positioned between the first locations and hundreds of internet users expressed their rejection of the comedian.

The acknowledged humorist of venezuelan origin Marko Music, without any doubt, this is one of the artists creoles with more recognition at the international level, a creditor of the millions of fans from all over the world. However, not all is rosy for the performer who is apparently despised by hundreds of users in social networks.

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The infuencer has become in the last hours in trend and that is that their detractors or the well-known “haters” made in Twitter the popular game “catch, kill, and marry”version personalities the comedy venezuelan including Marko and other celebrities of humor as Led James and the Professor Briceñobut without a doubt, who went out with tables for the head was Marko Music, for the vast majority of tweeters made it clear that they prefer to kill the comedian before you choose either of the other two options.

Some of the tweets that users made manifest their rejection of Marko, are the following:

Writing “GossipVzla”.