It home video! Shakira moves just like this! And let it burn it back!


Shakira efe

April 18, 2020
(11:24 CET)

Shakira is confined to his home in Barcelona with his partner, Gerard Pique, and their children Sasha and Milan. The singer is discovering itself during this “lockdown”. They have canceled their professional commitments, until further notice, and now that they have free time they are enjoying their young children, but also doing those activities you never had time to do.

The artist has immersed to the kitchen to prepare a fantastic chocolate cake, although the first one didn’t come as expected the next yes. In his spare time has been taken up their studies of philosophy and it has been fun helping their children with homework and crafts.

A few days ago Shakira boasted the talent of his son for the photograph. The boy he took a picture where left in pajamas. The colombian assured that Sasha wanted to be a photographer. However, their son Milan is also an artist. “Today, with a t-shirt tie dye that made me to Milan!”, wrote the singer along with an image where you see smiley with a t-shirt short sleeve blue in color. In the following image you could see other creations of the small.

It is a popular artistic technique that in his time already made Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos with their children. Consists in knotting the clothes, using ropes and tires, before you dye it. The result is a fascinating t-shirts and dresses inspiration hippie you have become a real trend in our country.

The colombian, like all parents, try to do everything possible to entertain their children. Sasha and Milan take too much time locked away and begging to go out to the street. His mother made a written request to take a measure which allowed the children to go out to the street for a few minutes accompanied by one of the parents.

You have a great desire to resume his professional projects and re-uploaded to the scenarios with new songs and a new album on the arm. But this probably won’t happen until 2021, so there’s that comply with all of the videos that them spread from your account fans. Home videos, recorded by their followers or people of their mistake where Shakira, moves hips matter-of-factly.