It Spider-Man against Superboy! So was the fight between the two teenage heroes


If there is something more enjoyed by the fans of the comic books, is when two of its largest exponent is facing, because many times we are accustomed to seeing the superheroes they face great villains, so that it is more attractive to see two heroes fighting each other, so that was a pleasant surprise to witness the big fight between Spider-Man and Superboy.

This great battle took place in the crossover, ‘DC vs Marve’ of 1996 and even though Superboy was a clear favorite, Spidey proved that a character is really popular in the world of comics, as the companies who decided that he public who chose the winner and their fans are not disappointed as Peter Parker.

What seemed to be an easy fight for Superboy, he became one of its most painful defeats, because despite having powerful skills that far outweigh those of Spidey, the spider proved to be more intelligent and because his followers chose him as the winner, Marvel and DC had to do that the cunning of Parker have more weight than the powers of Kon-El.

The combat begins when Spidey covers the eyes of Superboy, with his powerful spider’s web, to ask, “Are you the younger brother of Superman? What about second cousin? What?“and that Kon-El responds, “I am a clone. Try to understand the concept“to then throw some punches to Spider-Man, who surprisingly managed to dodge, it is so that the spider manages to wrap up to Superboy to a network of impact, which is full of energy, so that the superhero is electrocuted, and Spidey wins the fight.

Had it not been for the fans, surely Superboy would have won the fight very easily, since your strength would have been enough to get rid of the network impact of Spider-Man, ability in addition to his super speed, heat vision, strength, and endurance, so Spidey wouldn’t have had any chance of defeating Kon-El.

It Spider-Man against Superboy! So was the fight between the two teenage heroes superman-superboy-fight-600x300

Source: Marvel Comics/DC Comics

In this way, the fight between Spider-Man and Superboy had an unexpected result, unfortunately for Kon-El, it is very difficult for the companies to return to face them in a new combat, as it would be a battle very unequal, so that Spidey can boast of having defeated one of the most powerful figures in DC.