It’s heart-rending! The song you posted Justin Bieber in quarantine


Justin Bieberlike many other artists, has been very active in their social networks, especially in his account of Instagram. There, he has shown his fans how to spend time during the quarantine. But on this occasion, showed a touching song, that with no doubt, invites us all to reflection.

After many years, there is something that affects everyone equally. Celebrities cannot leave their houses, people have lost their jobs, the food has stopped coming to the table. For this reason, many celebrities have tried to bring not only calm, but also an encouragement to all those who need it.

Through a video called “I hope this encourages everyone” or the Spanish “I Hope that this will encourage all”, Justin Biebershowed a compilation of difficult moments, where others, helped to solve the problems of others. Accompanied with a beautiful melody and his iconic voice.

“When the world is friendly we can against the weather, when we have faith no matter the weather or anything else. When people come together in tragedy, when we are together, we can do anything”, are some of the lines of the short but very accurate song for the young star. In difficult times, seems to be a good creed.

Despite the fact that he was criticized for making various statements days ago Bieber he has been very supportive with the cause. Have fun at your hearing, form part of the All In Challenge to raise funds for the most needy, and now shares this beautiful melody, which no doubt puts many to think of.