Jason Momoa, professor of physical education of their children in quarantine

Jason Momoa
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In the middle of the quarantine, many parents were touched to give classes to their children in the home. However, for the actor Jason Momoa, your option was to be the teacher of physical education of their children during the confinement.

The actor made the revelation of the program of the presenter Ellen DeGeneres.

“I’m like the coach, you know, get your… out, we will go to climb, to skate,” said Momoa, 40 years of age, through a video chat on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The actor Aquaman has two children, Lola, 12 years old, and Wolf, of 11 years, with his wife Lisa Bonet.

“We have ramps for skateboards and climbing walls, throw axes and shoot a bow and arrow, so there is a bit of space. I am very grateful”, he added.

During the interview, DeGeneres noticed an unusual decoration in the room in which Momoa was filming. The actor explained that he was in his “cave men” and took out the camera to reveal a room full of motorcycles and guitars.

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