Jennifer Lawrence has the look of autumn 2020


Elegant, minimalist, canchera… The actress to front the campaign fall 2020 from Dior is everything that is good today and the measure of these times in which the fashion debate their next journey.
Jennifer Lawrence Dior 2020
Jennifer Lawrence, the ambassador of Dior, in the campaign fall 2020 of the French house. Photo: Fotonoticias.

Jennifer Lawrence is the woman Dior of the decadeand the new campaign Dior fall 2020 installs to your maximum ambassador today in a place of icon.

With images captured by Brigitte Niedermair in December last, when nothing and no one knew of the coronavirus and the tsunami economic cause, the Oscar-winning actress turned to be in the forefront of a campaign of the luxury house French to be the woman Dior Pre-Fall, in a shooting in which comes with the best outfits from the collection designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Jennifer Lawrence Dior
Jennifer Lawrence by Dior, an icon of style the XXI century. Photo: Fotonoticias.

A collection symbol of the times

Sober, minimalist and with a true spirit of foreshadowing of what was to come, the photos in the collection were taken at the end of last year, in New York.

Inspired in the most historical and traditional album of design of the brand’s founder, Christian Dior, Chiuri envisioned a collection full of silhouettes marked, monochromatic and timeless pieces and essential, two concepts that also fit perfectly into these days of COVID-19 overall.

Dior 2020
Details of the collection fall 2020 of Dior. Photos: Fotonoticias.
Dior 2020
Maria Grazia Chiuri were inspired by the legacy of the brand’s founder, Christian Dior. Photo: Fotonoticias.

“I have always been fascinated by the craftsmanship and beauty of some of the products. Perhaps this could be an opportunity to reduce the noise and return to those values -declared Niedermair on the new collection and a new perspective of fashion – A slowdown and a shift from quantity to quality can only be good.”

And the credits of the campaign is rounded off with Isabelle
Kountoure (design), Jenny Cho (hair) and Peter Philips (make-up).

Jennifer Lawrence Dior 2020
Jennifer Lawrence in the Dior campaign, with pictures of Brigitte Niedermair. Photo: Fotonoticias.

The journey of a star

The margin of his brilliant ride as an ambassador of Dior and
model, Jennifer Lawrence had already secured their return to the screen after
of the pandemic.

It will be like protagonist of a new sequel of “Star Trek”, the fourth part of another saga never-ending, at least this time, it may have the attraction of having the presence of actress of “The hunger games” and “The bright side of life”.

Jennifer Lawrence Dior 2020
Sober and minimalist, the campaign of Jennifer Lawrence by Dior. Photo: Fotonoticias.

Also released film directed by Lila Neugebauer, will work in front of the camera of the Italian Oscar-winner Paolo Sorrentino in “Mob Girl”, and it will be the star of a new comedy Netflix “Dont Look Up”.

Jennifer stays at home and vote!

In the meantime, and back on Earth, Jennifer Lawrence took advantage of his influence on american public opinion for summon the citizens of the united States to vote by mail and support the necessary legislative reform that may develop in the primary elections as they were scheduled and yet despite the pandemic.

“The best thing we can do to stop the spread of this virus is to stay home, but there are still a few elections on the horizon, with millions of americans who have not yet deposited their vote in the primaries”, expressed through a video the actress in this way are added to the campaign #VoteAtHome.