Jennifer Lopez I removed the skirt! up the stairs, and teaches all of that!


April 18, 2020
(14:41 CET)

Jennifer Lopez it always gives joy to their fans with their interactions in social networks, songs or public appearances, but also does it with their photo sessions.

In one of those sessions forgotten that it has the New York artist has appeared a picture that has gone viral this Saturday in which she appears from behind climbing a stairway.

What is surprising is that it does so without skirt or trousers, leaving the rearguard at the mercy of the underwear.

Wave of praise

What is true is that some have taken the fans to share the publication of this account of fans that he has recovered one of the images most curious-looking we’ve seen of JLo in recent times.

And is that photography has been a real success and it would not be surprising that the singer exploited in short to hang some more photo of that photo session.

New movie

In addition, it seems that there are new developments in terms of Jennifer Lopezas it is very near to a close its participation as a protagonist in the movie will reflect the life of the godmother of cocaine, Griselda Blanco.

A story that the artist of new york expects you to serve for this time to be nominated for the award for Best Actress at the Oscars, something that is not got with Hustlers.