Jennifer Lopez, new evidence of infidelity of Alex Rodriguez would wind up wedding plans

The pop singer Jennifer Lopez could not see his dream of uniting your life to the life of Alex Rodriguez because new evidence received could confirm infidelity on the part of former baseball player.

The “Diva of the Bronx” your fiance Alex Rodriguez have stopped the wedding plans debit to the confinement by the Covid 19, however, the artist received new tests which ensure that the ex-baseball player he would have been unfaithful.

The saying that when the river sounds it is because water carries and is not the first time that the singer will arrive rumors that her fiance is not what she expects.

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On the other hand new evidence could change the opinion of the singer as a former collaborator of the former baseball player Alex Rodriguez is willing to prove to the artist that her future husband was unfaithful with his wife.

Jose Canseco a former MLB player again returns to the controversy after last year uncovered the alleged relationship between his former wife, Jessica and Alex Rodriguez.

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With the occasion of easter, Canseco shared a message on Twitter waking up again all the controversy

Happy Easter to everyone except for Alex Rodriguez.

The news circulated a few days we knew that the singer and the former baseball player to commit in marriage.

Despite the fact that the revelation of Canseco generated a lot of controversy, the interpreter of “On the Floor” did not take into account the speculation and did the opposite of what is to be expected as he defended his commitment to and a program JLO he was quiet the voices with the following message:

I mean, it has no importance. I know which is the truth. I know who it is (Alex). He knows who I am. We are happy.

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For his part, the former partner of Canseco it also gave the lie to his words, claiming they were false accusations and that they simply maintained a friendship for many years with Rodriguez.

Apparently, the rival of loves of Alex Rodriguez is willing to discover the whole truth and unmask allegedly by a former player.

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Recently, the former athlete of cuban origin shared another twitter where he asks the singer if you want to see the truth with their own eyes to communicate to a number.

Jennifer Lopez, I have something to show you for your eyes, only that you will not regret, make contact with Morgan,” could it Be that on this occasion the singer will take the word?

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